Forming the heart of your electric fence system, energizers provide the source for the electric current that flows through the fence wire.

The amount of electric current output (size) and power source AC (100V-240V) , battery  or solar  differs across energizer products.

Your choice of fence energizer depends on the following key factors:

◆  Length of your fence

◆  Number of wires

◆  Power source

◆  Type of animal contained or excluded

Where should you install you Energizer?

If you are using the Solar, these are most effective if placed along the middle of the fence with the panel facing towards the South.

If you plan to use a (110V-240V) plug to power your energizer, it should be placed inside a barn or shed near the power source.

In all cases, refer to your energizer’s user manual for specific installation instructions and always mount out of reach of children and animals.

Can I use more than one energizer?

Yes, you can use more than one energizer, but each must be on a separate fence system.

Never connect more than one energizer to the same fence.